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Reiki Books and Products

Reiki Books and Products

Here are a collection of fantastic Books, Products and other accessories for practising Reiki. Take a look at the collection and take your pick. Some more wonderful products and Books coming up soon.

 You do not need to be taught in person to learn Reiki. With Steve Murrays Reiki DVDs and Reiki books you will be able to receive Reiki Attunements and learn Reiki at home at your own spiritual and healing pace. Steves programs allow any person to receive Reiki Attunements and access Reiki teachings, no matter what their circumstances.
Any questions about his DVDS and/or books contact Steve Murray. Just Google Steve Murray and you will find his contact information through his website. Steve responds to all emails and he does have a Reiki Certification program of which this book is a part.
This first guide in the best-selling Reiki, the Ultimate Guide series makes Reiki knowledge accessible to everyone! It's the book some Healers do not want published. The book includes: Photos and Illustrations that show step-by-step how to activate and use Reiki Symbols, how to give and prepare for: a Reiki 1st, 2nd, and Master Attunement, Reiki Psychic and Healing Attunement. You will also learn how to Beam and Scan with Reiki, how to remove Psychic Debris, why the variations in Reiki Symbols, why Reiki Secrets are not needed, what to expect after an Attunement, and how to protect yourself, plus much more Reiki information.
Steve Murray is an Usui Reiki Master and the author of the global best selling Reiki The Ultimate Guide books. Steve also has a series of 25 healing programs on DVD. The DVD subjects include Reiki Attunements; Cancer Guided Imagery; weight loss, pain, fear, and stress relief, just to name a few, and he has produced six Reiki CDs for healing. More information...


Calm and soothing music for Reiki Healing.

Set of 7 chakra meditation stones w/ engraved chakra symbols
  • Comes with zippered Anahata heart chakra pouch w/ 7 Sanskrit chakra syllables
  • Average stone size measures approximately 1" - 1.25" in diameter; Each set is unique and dimensions do vary.
  • Includes the following stones: Red jasper (Root Chakra), Orange Aventurine or Peach Aventurine (Sacral Chakra), Golden Quartz or Yellow Aventurine (Solar Plexus), Green Aventurine, Grass Jasper, or Green Mica (Heart Chakra), Lapis Lazuli (Throat Chakra), Sodalite (Third Eye), & Amethyst (Crown Chakra)
  • Use for reiki, healing, meditation, chakra balancing, or ritual. Can also be used in conjunction with a chakra wand.
 Beautifully crafted black jasper stones w/ etched Reiki symbols
  • Stones are etched with the following traditional Usui Reiki symbols: Cho Ku Ray (Power), Sei Hei Ki (Purification & Harmony), Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (Connection), & Dai Ko Myo (Empowerment & Enlightenment)
  • Average stone size measures approximately 1.5" - 1.75" wide and long; Each piece is unique and dimensions may vary slighty.
  • Comes with zippered velvet pouch printed with Anahata heart chakra symbol & 7 Sanskrit chakra syllables
More such Books and Products coming soon!

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History of Reiki

A History and Understanding of Reiki

History of Reiki
Usui Shiki Ryoho
The Usui System of Natural Healing.

Reiki is a generic word in Japan, and is used to describe any type of healing work based on life force energy. It is not exclusive to the system of healing based on Dr. Usui’s method. The system of healing that evolved from Dr. Usui’s method is called the Usui System of Natural Healing or Usui Shiki Rhyoho. It is a type of Reiki.

Since neither Dr. Usui nor Dr. Hayashi let written instructions about Reiki, the only source of information on the Usui System of Reiki comes from the verbal instructions Mrs. Takata passed on to her students.

The Usui System of Natural Healing has evolved over time. In its current state, it is much more organized and structured, than the simple flexible, intuitive method practiced by Dr. Usui himself. The following is a description of the evolution of the Usui System of Reiki.

The ancient healing method of Reiki was re-discovered in the middle of the 18th century by Dr. Mikao Usui, who was also responsible for its revival.Dr. Mikao Usui, was the Principal of a Christian Seminar in Kyoto, Japan. One day some students asked him about the healing methods used by Jesus Christ and whether he would be able to carry out such a healing for them. Dr.Usui was stunned and unable to answer these questions. On that day Dr. Usui resigned his position and determined to find the answers to this mystery.

His journey led him to America, where he attended the University of Chicago and became a Doctor of Theology. However he could not find a satisfactory answer in Christian writing and not having found one in Chinese scriptures either, he traveled to North India, where he studied the holy writings. He later returned to Japan, where he discovered some Sanskrit formulas and symbols in old Buddhist sutras, which seemed to hold the answer to his questions.

Realizing that he had found the key to the healing, he then began to mediate and cause to the conclusion that he should proceed to a sacred mountain about 17 miles from Kyoto, Mount Koriyama and commence a 21 day fast and meditation in the hope of gaining contact with the level of consciousness the Sanskrit symbols had been written on in order to determine the truth of their contents. He came to a specific spot facing East, and gathered up a pile of 21 stones, which would be his calendar. On the 21st day he saw a flicker of light appear. It began to move very rapidly towards him. It became bigger and bigger and finally hit him in the middle of the forehead. Dr. Usui thought he was dead. However he was alive but had merely lost consciousness. He was in a euphoric state. He saw millions and millions of rainbow bubbles, soon they became white glowing bubbles each one containing a three-dimensional Sanskrit character in gold and he said, “Yes, I remember”.

Dr. Mikao Usui left Mount Koriyama knowing how to heal as Buddha and Jesus had healed, walking down the mountain he experienced what is traditionally known as four miracles. We shall read about these miracles in the next post. Let me now connect you to various links which will cover the History of Reiki in detail. You may click on the respective links which will take you to the corresponding sites which will give you a first hand view and information about the History of Reiki.

The International Center for Reiki Training

The True History of Reiki

Read more about the History of Reiki here.

Hisory of Reiki ......By David Herron

Timeline of Reiki History.

Another account of the History of Reiki.

Updated History of Reiki.

For more info on updates in Reiki - See the book "Reiki Fire" by Frank Arjava Petter.

Reiki History in the 20th Century

One could go on at length studying and researching on the facts of the History of Reiki, but for now I will leave you with enough food for thought.

Wonderful Reiki Books to Read

Wonderful Reiki Books to Read

Here are a collection of Great Reiki Books you could check out from to read or buy!


Reiki Hands That Heal is a perfect introduction to Reiki and a useful workbook for practitioners at all levels. As an introduction, Joyce Morris outlines the history and general principles of Reiki, and her lineage to the tradition. For the practitioner and those who want to learn more about specific aspects of Reiki, further chapters delve into the legal and ethical considerations of treatment, current research, and examples of Reiki healing "miracles." Particularly useful are extensive illustrations of hand placement for healing, color plates of "beofre and after" aura illustrations, and a list of treatments for specific disorders. Included is a chapter dealing with general treatment principles by William Morris. Used by Joyce Morris as a workbook in her Reiki workshops, Reiki Hands That Heal is a practical resource for anyone interested in alternative healing.


Book Description: Reiki: The True Story is a comprehensive investigation of Reiki as both a healing practice and a lifelong path of spiritual awakening. Author and Reiki expert Don Beckett weaves together a new story about Reiki’s origins and its founder’s true vision. The foundation of this book is the teachings of a group of Reiki founder Makao Usui’s original students, who held their master’s knowledge in secrecy for more than seventy years.

After a general introduction to Reiki, Beckett presents a thorough history of the discipline (including the testimony of some of Usui’s students) as well as an in-depth manual for practice. The author rounds out his exploration with material from world renowned, contemporary Reiki Masters, Beckett’s own insights into the nature of Reiki energy, as well as information about the chakra system, yin and yang, and the Five Transformations. The book concludes with a chapter entitled “Beyond Reiki,” which bridges knowledge of Reiki with the lesser-known practice of Johrei. Thorough explanations coupled with cutting-edge discoveries about Reiki’s past make this a compelling volume for novice and experienced practitioners alike.

About the Author

Don Beckett, born and raised in Colorado, has also lived in Arizona, Oregon, Utah, Mexico and Bali. He currently calls Hilo, Hawaii home. He has been practicing Reiki since 1991 and has initiated others since 1999. He has also practiced various kinds of formal meditation for more than twenty-five years. A member of the Johrei Fellowship, Beckett maintains a complete website at that attracts thousands of teachers and students of Reiki.


Book Description and Brief Biography - Biography Eileen Curteis, a Sister of Saint Ann, is a Reiki Master teacher and practitioner, who has taught and treated thousands of people over the last seventeen years at Queenswood, a former retreat and spirituality centre in Victoria, British Columbia. Preceding this, Eileen was a teacher, principal and educator for twenty-seven years. Her greatest passion lies in the literary arts. She has authored ten books to date and through the years has become an accomplished poet, artist, writer, as well as being a producer of six CDs and three films. Editorial Reviews - Reiki From the Publisher After seventeen years as a practitioner and teacher of Reiki, Sister Eileen has been astonished by the sheer number of people who have continued to stream through the door. People of all ages and traditions have come seeking their healing and finding it as Eileen did when she first embarked on this foreign road that soon became home to her. Eileen has come to recognize through her many years of practice that there is an inherent healing power within each of us and that the gift of Reiki is able to activate it. In her training manual, Eileen brings with her a core community of Reiki practitioners from different traditions and backgrounds that journey alongside her and recognize, as she does, the simplicity, wonder and beauty of God's universal gift for our time. The healing stories are too numerous to count but she does include specific testimonials within her training manual that speak for the thousands of others who have been healed through the doorway of Reiki. In this way, Eileen's Level I and II training manual, becomes a living testimony as she thoroughly covers all the information required to be a successful and competent Reiki practitioner. Written with inspiration and clarity, Eileen takes the reader on an amazing journey into the dynamic world of the inner self. Like a fresh current of air, she presents her material in an appealing and easily digestible manner.


Happy Reading!